Currently, I am working on three different books:

Union Made: Working People and the Rise of Social Christianity in Chicago (forthcoming with Oxford University Press)

This monograph’s central argument is that social Christianity was in no small part “union made.”  By this I mean that working people cultivated social gospels long before Jane Addams, Walter Rauschenbusch, and other middle-class reformers emerged on the scene; and, moreover, that the rise of that later Social Gospel movement must be understood as a response to generations of concerted working-class activism.  The manuscript offers, at once, a social history of Christian responses to industrialization and an intellectual history of workers’ religious dissent.  It unearths fierce contests over the contours of the national conscience and repositions working people at the very center of efforts to reconcile democracy and capitalism in the industrializing United States.

Between the Pew and the Picket Line: Christianity and the Working Class in Industrial America (under contract with University of Illinois Press)

This volume, which I am co-editing with Christopher D. Cantwell and Janine Giordano Drake, includes some of the latest work at the suddenly bustling intersection of religion and labor in modern American history.  In addition to a Foreword by Ken Fones-Wolf, the book boasts essays by Erik Gellman, Alison Collis Greene, Brett Hendrickson, Dan McKanan, Matthew Pehl, Kerry Pimblott, Jarod Roll, Arlene M. Sanchez-Walsh, and Evelyn Sterne.

Turning Points in the History of American Evangelicalism (under contract with William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company)

This volume, which I am co-editing with Laura Rominger Porter, brings together many of the leading scholars of American evangelicalism, each of whom has agreed to write an essay reflecting on a major turning point in the history of the tradition.  Contributors include Harry Stout, Catherine Brekus, Jon Butler, Richard Carwardine, Marguerite Van Die, Luke Harlow, George Marsden, Edith Blumhofer, Mark Hutchinson, Dennis Dickerson, Grant Wacker, and Darren Dochuk.  Nathan Hatch will write a Foreword, Martin Marty an Afterword, and the entire volume will be dedicated to Mark Noll.

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