“With this diverse collection of essays, Cantwell, Carter, and Drake admirably succeed in merging the histories of religion and the working class. Without exception the work is sharply focused and impeccably researched.” — Robert D. Parmet, writing for History News Network (see the full review here)

“The contributors’ willingness to engage seriously with the religious beliefs of their subjects is to be commended, as well as their attention to race, gender, ethnicity, class, place, and denomination. Finally, the editors’ introductory essay should be required reading for anyone interested in why Christianity has received such little attention from labour historians in the past.” — Janis Thiessen, writing in Labour/Le Travail (see the full review here)

“[The book] represents an ambitious effort to push [Herbert] Gutman’s agenda forward.” — Leslie Woodcock Tentler, writing in the American Historical Review (see the full review here)



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