Online Writings

I’ve written for a number of online venues, including The New Republic, The Christian Century, Sojourners, Patheos, OUPblog, and Religion in American History.  Below you’ll find links to a sampling of my contributions:

“Is America Possible?” January 2017

“Why We’re Not in a New Gilded Age,” 9 February 2016

“The Biblical Case for Organized Labor,” 9 September 2015

“The Origins of Labor Day: Marches and Civil Unrest in 1880s Chicago,” 7 September 2015

“The Church of Organized Labor,” 12 July 2015

“Religious Historians Take on ‘the Specter of Capitalism,'” 17 December 2014

“Sources for the Survey: What Makes Your Cut?” 17 October 2014

Native Son: Books Change,” 3 September 2014

“What is Social Christianity Anyway,” 17 April 2014

“The Rapid ‘Revitalization’ of American Cities,” 7 August 2013

“The Moral Contours of Our New Gilded Age,” 24 April 2013

“Christianity and the ‘Specter of Capitalism,'” 17 April 2013

“Evangelicals at (Another) Political Crossroads?” 17 January 2013

“Occupying the Vatican,” 10 January 2013

“Whither the Social Gospel?”  1 March 2012

“Occupy: ‘Fundamentally Christian’?” 13 November 2011

“Religion and Labor Protest in Wisconsin,” 23 February 2011