I’ve written for a number of popular publications, including The New Republic, The Christian Century, Sojourners, Christianity Today, Books & Culture, Education & Culture, Patheos, OUPblog, and Religion in American History.  Below you’ll find links to a sampling of my contributions:

“Woodrow Wilson’s Troubling Faith,” The Christian Century, June 2017

“From Jonathan Edwards to Jerry Falwell,” Christianity Today, June 2017

“Americans Against War,” Education & Culture, June 2017

“Is America Possible?” Sojourners, January 2017

“Evil Emperor?” Books & Culture, July/August 2016

“Why We’re Not in a New Gilded Age,” Religion & Politics, 9 February 2016

“The Biblical Case for Organized Labor,” Patheos, 9 September 2015

“The Origins of Labor Day: Marches and Civil Unrest in 1880s Chicago,” OUPblog, 7 September 2015

“The Church of Organized Labor,” The New Republic, 12 July 2015

“Religious Historians Take on ‘the Specter of Capitalism,'” Religion in American History, 17 December 2014